I’ve been thinking about blogging professionally for quite a long-time now; 3 months (does’nt seem that long) to be precise. I’ve been inspired by the way blogging has developed as a tool for communication for people worldwide. Such is the impact of blogging and web 2.0 that Time Magazine rates the average content creator, (that’s You and me) as the person of the year.

I’ve been working full-time for the last three years now and have gained insights into how to work in teams, and ensure productivity. However, performance of an individual is impacted to a great level by the job-satisfaction levels. Hence, I totally subscribe to the idea of doing what you like. In my short career I’ve learnt that attaining balance between personal and professional life is very tough. But, if we do a few things well and inculcate a few habits we can do better and lead a happy life.

I’m going to share these with you in the coming few days. So, keep visiting this blog. Subscribe to my feed and check what’s cooking here every now and then!


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