Procrastination – Your #1 Enemy

The only reason I did not publish my first post on this blog for days?? I PROCRASTINATED.

If there’s one thing that separates successful people from the unsuccessful ones, it has to be the ability to get things *done*. We are all procrastinators. Sometimes, we just are not in a mood to do things; and it’s fine. As long as this does not become a habit.

Procrastination is the deferment or avoidance of an action or task and is often linked to perfectionism. For the person procrastinating this may result in stress, a sense of guilt, the loss of productivity, the creation of crisis, and the chagrin of others for not fulfilling one’s responsibilities or commitments. Source : Wikipedia.

So, by definition, Procrastination is avoiding any task. Now, I believe that humans are innately active. But it takes special effort to ‘kick-start’ yourself (Remember the Law of Inertia ;)). Hence, it is important that we get rid of our lazy selves and start doing things that are important.

A few tips to get rid of procrastination:

1. Make a resolution to get out of the ‘habit’: Procrastination is dangerous and it easily develops into a habit. Why? Because it gives us immediate relief. You know you are not going to do anything right *now*. It is very tough to get out of habitual procrastination. So, make a resolution that you’ll never leave untill tommorow, what can be done today. And stick to it.

2. Get into the habit of completing tasks: We are all good and pumped up at times when we are able to start a ‘new’ task. It feels wonderful and we want to excel at it. But somewhere in the middle we lost focus and start putting off tasks. Much like preparations for an examination. We are all pumped up at the start of a new class or semester and we want great grades. But somewhere in the middle we lose focus. Why? Because we are distracted. The idea is to stay focused to ensure that we complete tasks. I will be writing more on ‘staying focused‘ soon. But it is important that once you start moving towards your objective, you complete the task and attain it.

3. Time-Management is the key: Procrastination leads to a time-management disaster. When you put a task off for later, you are blocking that time too. Hence, it is important that we understand the importance of our time and do not put off tasks. Maintain an organizer or diary and stick to it. Get out your blackberry and see how many tasks are ‘out’ of the due-date. If it is more than a couple you need to work on this.

4. Reward youself; Reprimand youself: This is extremely important. Incentivize your tasks. If you complete your tasks on or before schedule, reward yourself. For example, if you plan to write a post a day on your blog; reward youself if you complete it. Now, rewarding yourself is easy, but it is important that you also reprimand yourself if you do not complete your task on schedule. For example, if you want to jog for 20 minutes a day to lost weight and you fail (miserably in my case); reprimand youself by not eating your favourite food for breakfast (it works perfect in my example).

5. Get DISCPLINED: This is extremely important. Without discipline, you’ll never achieve anything. You can always shut your BlackBerry when it alerts you about a task, but it is only your discipline that will make you work towards your goal.

So, get of your butts and start working on your task. 😉


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